Giving Day 2017 | The Westwood School | PK-12 Private School | Dallas, TX
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2017 North Texas Giving Day: Thursday, September 14th!

With 73% total school participation, Westwood raised over $84,000 for North Texas Giving Day! This is #TheWestwoodWay! We Thank YOU. #TogetherWeShine #OurFutureisBright #NTxGivingDay

We are so excited about what this school year brings! Character, Community, and Excellence are the core values at Westwood. Every day we are striving to enrich the educational opportunities for each of our students. Once a year, we ask YOU to help us SHINE BRIGHTER by making a gift to The Westwood School Annual Fund on September 14th, as part of North Texas Giving Day. Your help will mean even more ways to enhance the student experience inside the classroom and out. Did you know that a portion of the funds raised for Westwood during North Texas Giving Day will be donated to The Salvation Army Hurricane Relief Fund?

Donated funds will directly benefit both Lower and Upper School in:

• Classroom Improvement and Enrichment
• Technology
• Field Trips & Class Visitors
• Parent Education
• Professional Development

Why Should This Matter to Me?
By making a tax-deductible gift online to YOUR community, The Westwood School, on September 14th, your donation will be maximized by the addition of BONUS FUNDS from Communities Foundation of Texas, which allows your gift to go even further towards helping Westwood SHINE!

What is North Texas Giving Day?
North Texas Giving Day is an online giving event, powered by Communities Foundation of Texas, for people across the nation to come together to raise as much money as possible for North Texas nonprofits in one day: 9/14/2017