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Parent Association

The Westwood Community Association (WCA) helps our families and staff provide an excellent educational environment for the children. They raise funds for special additions to our curriculum, for expansions to our classrooms, and for Parent Education events.

The WCA can be contacted at

Westwood Community Association 2016-2017

Toddler & Preschool Representative
Jessica Kahn

Lower Elementary Representative
Catherine Mohan

Upper Elementary Representative
Holly Cornwell

Upper School Representative
Juliann Barkley

Community Representative
Liza Magnusen

Financial Representative
Javier Collins

Social Representative
Kilah Batto

Student Representative
Austin Upshaw


Learn more about the WCA

WCA Program/Event Proposal Form

“We believe that Westwood offers a unique combination of challenges and support to students. This warm and caring environment has helped our son grow academically and emotionally.”
—T. Kurtz, Westwood Parent