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WCA (Westwood Community Association)

The Westwood Community Association (WCA) exists to encourage and strengthen Westwood’s legacy, in collaboration with the school and the community, by facilitating the investment of time, gifts, and services by parents, students, and faculty.

The WCA can be contacted at

Westwood Community Association 2018-2019

Communications Chair
Sarah Rous

Community Chair
Liz Shultz

Financial Chair
Sabine Durbin

Preschool Representative
Laura Hudgins

Lower Elementary Representative
Kina Khatri

Upper Elementary Representative
Tina Andersen

Middle School Co-Representatives
Melissa Holman
Alexis Magids

High School Representative
John Osoinach

Fall Festival Chairs
Kathryn Syed
Liz Shultz

2018 Auction Co-Chairs
Jennifer Hooper
Liz Shultz

Student Representative

Faculty Representative

Westwood Staff Liaison
Kim Worthen

Head of School
Heather Lourcey

“We believe that Westwood offers a unique combination of challenges and support to students. This warm and caring environment has helped our son grow academically and emotionally.”
—T. Kurtz, Westwood Parent