Global Community

Westwood is an International School

Maintaining the highest standards in the world, our Montessori-IB curriculum challenges students to reach beyond themselves and their communities to the world at large. Westwood gives students both a sense of place—the history, economy, social issues, and culture of the local community, Texas, and our nation—and a global perspective through ongoing studies of other nations from many perspectives: cultural, social, economic, political, and historical. Elementary and Upper School students meet and collaborate by video chat with fellow students in Montessori and IB schools around the world. There are also summer opportunities for students to study and travel abroad to China or Spanish speaking countries. Students encounter foreign language studies beginning at the Toddler level with Spanish and Mandarin and continue through Preschool and Elementary. During their Upper School years, students elect to specialize in Spanish or Mandarin. All students in Grades 6-8 also study Latin.

Westwood Is A Diverse School Community
We draw together children and families from around the world and from all segments of the Dallas community. Our student body represents over 40 different countries. Westwood is a proudly independent school that does not seek government funding. We build support for financial aid into our budget to provide assistance to families who could not otherwise afford such a unique educational experience for their child. We also receive support for additional needs-based financial assistance from families, friends, and the local community.

A Family-Centered School Community
As a family-centered Montessori – IB community, we establish school policies and decisions on the core values and principles of Montessori. The Westwood Community Association and school community meetings bring together parents, staff, and students for every voice to be heard in a culture of kindness and respect. We also schedule many opportunities for the school community to come together for special events and social gatherings. Westwood is a welcoming environment for students and parents. We work closely with our families through parent-teacher conferences, formal progress reports, newsletters, parent education events, email, and more. Because we truly get to know our students, we can carefully monitor and evaluate their academic and social progress within the broader context of their unique talents and personalities.


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Westwood’s global community is composed of families from over 40 different countries.

For the past 5 years, we have been fortunate enough to be part of the Westwood family. However, we have not thanked the staff and teachers enough. There has never been a time when each of them has not been willing to take the extra time to talk with us about our concerns, and they’ve celebrated successes and family additions. The staff has provided unwavering support to us as parents. Most importantly, they have loved and guided our child through the years. We believe that he will be a better person because of each teacher that has been a part of his life.”
— G. Henry