The Westwood Way | The Westwood School
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The Westwood Way

Imagine a school where intellectual and physical adventures are the possibility. Imagine a place where one’s mind is challenged and stretched as you learn, the scope of community is broadened, and the outdoors is a landscape of opportunity –  where friends are made for a lifetime; where you discover you have the courage to go beyond your reach, to see yourself from a different perspective. Imagine a school where excellence is valued and learning is fun. This is the Westwood Way.

The Westwood School:

  • From a Montessori foundation, emphasizes personal ethics and responsibility within a caring, supportive community
  • As an International Baccalaureate school, has become synonymous with student-centered curriculum, academic rigor, and international mindedness
  • Places emphasis on the individual relationship between each student and the teacher
  • Encourages graduates to go out into the world not just to do great things, but to do the right things
  • Has a tradition of student-to-student mentoring affording each student the opportunity to solidify personal skills while guiding peers
  • Encourages students to commit to leaving the world better than they found it, becoming better themselves in the process
  • Implements specific assignments to build students’ confidence through experimentation, repetition, and recitation
  • Offers subjects with interconnections; thus, the student understands how a specific subject relates to and affects different areas of knowledge
  • Offers a balance of one-on-one and group presentations
  • Offers Spanish, Mandarin and Latin programs for Preschool through High School
  • Focuses on core athleticism to expand student’s mastery of mind and body to excel in both wilderness experiences and sports
  • Provides an environment where students develop a strong sense of independence, self-confidence and self-discipline
  • Develops entrepreneurial skills through experience operating actual businesses
  • Hosts annual theater productions enabling students to sharpen leadership skills and understand group dynamics and project management
For the past five years, we have been fortunate enough to be part of the Westwood family. However, we have not thanked the staff and teachers enough. There has never been a time when each of them has not been willing to take the extra time to talk with us about our concerns, and they’ve celebrated successes and family additions. The staff has provided unwavering support to us as parents. Most importantly, they have loved and guided our child through the years. We believe that he will be a better person because of each teacher that has been a part of his life.”
— G. Henry