Student Life

At The Westwood School, leadership skill development is an integral part of daily curriculum. Westwood’s International Baccalaureate – Montessori Method environment provides the framework within which students become self-directed leaders.

Westwood’s Uniform Provider

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Leadership within The Westwood Way

Leadership skills are developed on three levels during a student’s time at The Westwood School: individual, team, and organizational – each level building upon the other.

Individual: To develop the personal foundations of leadership, Westwood exposes each student to the skill sets needed to be self-directed, believing that each person can be a powerful agent for change, an influencer during the adoption of new initiatives, and a model of productivity and commitment.

Team: Team leadership changes individuals. As each student guides a team, they learn to facilitate group processes in order to streamline workflow, minimize interpersonal conflict, and align with the goals of the organization. The shift from practicing these skills to learning how to teach these skill sets to others is made in our classrooms.

Organizational: This level of leadership skill development encourages self-mastery. Students begin to know themselves to effectively express themselves and to control themselves and to control their interactions with others.

Explore the features of student life at The Westwood School, from ALPS to IBeanery, to learn more about programs and activities beyond curriculum that support leadership education for students.


“School administration has gone all out over the past couple of years to provide a great athletic program for its students. A parent volunteer has handled the preschool and elementary grades most notably getting Westwood students involved with Marathon Kids. The school emphasizes lifetime fitness. By Middle School and High School students can participate in volleyball, flag football, soccer, swim and track and field. But again, most importantly, students participate in ALP – Adventure Leadership Programs. Students attend overnight trips that include scuba diving, mountain biking, surfing, canoeing and rock climbing. These are the types of activities that build student confidence, respect for the outdoor environment and encourage lifelong fitness. My children have only had wonderful athletic experiences at Westwood!”
— R. Johnson