12 months to 3 years

The Westwood School Toddler program is a nurturing environment for children to begin what Dr. Maria Montessori referred to as their “education for life.” This environment helps the child move toward independence in a safe, warm and stable classroom where he or she acquires the skills to “do it myself.” Here, the toddler launches into social relationships with peers and starts to learn the importance of cooperation and assertiveness.


Our Toddler program centers on:

  • Sensory experiences
  • Language expansion
  • Muscle development

We provide large Practical Life and Sensorial areas emphasizing gross and fine motor coordination. Children are immersed in Spanish for part of each day. They are also introduced to Mandarin at this age. A rich atmosphere of oral language is featured using storytelling, reading aloud and songs. As children become ready, phonics is introduced and basic math concepts are explored. Also, in this setting, Westwood works in cooperation with parents to toilet train toddlers. Children who stay for the Extended Day program will take a nap at school.

“I have been a fan of The Westwood School for over 30 years and I consider it the top value in educational opportunities in the Metroplex. This is a school that puts students first and it shows in everything they do. From ALPS to SPORTS…Westwood provides students with a BIG experience of life that prepares them to take their place as good citizens of the world!”
— T. Pearson