The Westwood School - Steps to Admission | The Westwood School
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The Westwood Way

Thank you for your interest in The Westwood School. We are excited for you to learn all about our unique education. While the photos and information contained herein will give you a sense of the environment, visiting Westwood is the best way to truly capture the spirit of Westwood’s community.

From exuberant Preschool students, to confident Upper School young adults, children thrive on The Westwood Way of a challenging curriculum, dedicated teachers, a safe and child-centered setting, and a permeating spirit of belonging to a special group of young scholars.

We invite you to share Westwood’s values and the spirit of The Westwood Way. Schedule your visit to discover the difference that is The Westwood School.

For more information, contact us at or 972-239-8598.


Why The Westwood School

When The Westwood School was started , the Founder Pam Butler envisioned a place where students and parents could feel at home and develop a strong sense of community. At Westwood, visitors are often struck by how welcoming students are and by the strong connection between students and teachers.

Core values of Character, Community, and Excellence are evident everywhere. Upholding and believing in the uniqueness of each student, Westwood strives to nurture individual talents in a supportive environment.

When a child enrolls at Westwood, the entire family becomes part of a vibrant school built on strong values. What sets Westwood apart is that “respect” and “character” are not just terms we define, they are qualities by which we all live. The Westwood School is a welcome place for all with over forty countries represented among the student body and families. Moreover, Westwood believes that the threads of honesty, compassion and respect weave the moral fabric of this environment.

“Children are flourishing here! This school becomes your family. Public schools teach the test; this school teaches to educate and transform! The Westwood School prepares the students to not only learn but to think as well. The staff cares. The teachers are well prepared to teach and to work with the students in preparing them for life. These children are ahead of kids in public school, not by a grade but, by several grades. They learn how to dream and how to set goals and the hard work it takes to accomplish them!”
— S. Padilla