The Westwood School provides an outstanding Montessori Method environment beginning at the Toddler level and blending this highly regarded method with the International Baccalaureate at the Upper School level. We invite you to learn more about The Westwood School. While the photos and information contained herein will give a sense of Westwood’s environment, you are invited to contact The Westwood School at 972-239-8598 to schedule a tour or observation to experience The Westwood Way.

“If you are looking for a school where your child is known by his first name by staff and teachers at multiple levels, a school where people firmly believe in independent thinking, self respect, community spirit, multicultural tolerance and understanding, and above all, academic excellence, The Westwood School is your arrival destination! I have been a Montessori parent and a Westwood parent for many years now, and I have grown a lot, and learned a lot about our changing world, together with my children. This school is set apart from the rest in so many ways…Here children are familiar personalities to their teachers and staff, not just another face in a crowd. The teachers are kind and focused on each individual, finding the best way of maximizing each potential for success. It all begins early, around the toddler age, and it beautifully grows into a place where teenagers feel proud and connected with whom they want to become.This school truly focusses on the child’s world, and the understanding of his needs and potential.”
— J. Patterson