National Spanish Examination Results

All 7th grade-12th grade Spanish students participated in the National Spanish Exam this past month.  The are online, standardized assessment tools for Grades 6 -12, given by over 3800 teachers throughout the United States to measure proficiency and achievement of students who are studying Spanish as a second language.  There were a total of 157,020 students across the nation that took the exam this year.

Out of the 45 Westwood students who tested, 20 received national awards based on the percentiles below:
ORO (gold) – Students scoring at or above the 95th percentile
PLATA (silver) – Students scoring from the 85th through the 94th
BRONCE (bronze) – Students scoring from the 75th through the 84th percentiles
HONOR (honorable mention) – Students scoring at or above the 50th percentile (national average) through the 74th percentile

Level 01 (7th Grade)
Dylan H.
Sindhu K.
Courtney R.
Felipe B. (bilingual exam)

Level 1 (8th & 9th Grade)
Julian L.
Savanna P.

Shabaaz B.
Morgan B.
Cuinn C.
Preston M.

Gabe B.
Dillon B.
Ashton H.
Nathan N.
Ella R.                                             

Level 2 (10th & 11th)
Hannah S.

Abdullah H.
Heber M. (bilingual exam)

Level 5 (12th)
Lizbeth H. (bilingual exam)

Andrea D. (bilingual exam)

Students placing in the bronze (bronce) and above are eligible to apply for scholarships and travel grants. Congratulations students!

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