We Have an Exciting Expansion Coming in the 2022-23 School Year!

Westwood is very excited to announce that we are opening a 4th Preschool Classroom for the 2022-2023 school year!

A grid of three images from a preschool classroom. The first is a wide angle shot of the full classroom. The second is a shelf of Montessori math works. The third is a shelf of Montessori block works.

We have had an extensive waitlist for several years, and have decided that expanding our Preschool program into a fourth classroom will be a great benefit to our community. We are currently reviewing candidates to round out our Preschool team of teachers, and we are very excited for what the next school year will bring us!

With the growth of our Preschool program, we would like to highlight the importance of our 3-year-old through Kindergarten classrooms and the way that they set the stage for the future of the student’s Montessori education. 

A unique aspect of Montessori classrooms is the three-year cycles that allow the youngest students in a classroom to learn from the oldest in the classroom. In the Preschool classroom, the Kindergarten students become the leaders as they set the example that the 3 and 4-year-old students will follow. The younger students have the opportunity to watch and observe their older classmates perfect these skills as they work through their own lessons. 

This open sharing of knowledge between students, as they move from being the beginners to the experts of the classroom, creates an environment for continued growth throughout the 3-year cycle. Students then enter their Elementary years with this foundation of collaboration and community and the confidence for success.

A fourth classroom will also come with some construction over the summer – so be gracious if you notice any dust or stray furniture in the building during Summer Camp or if you just drop by to visit.

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