Westwood Community Testimonials

We believe that the community at Westwood is what makes us truly special.

The community of Westwood is made up of so many great students, parents, staff, and more!
Below are testimonials from various community members about their experiences at Westwood.
Thank you for making us Westwood Strong!

“I came to Westwood from seven years of university teaching. As a small private school, it didn’t have the same resources for salaries as the big state and private colleges I had been a part of. But I was (and still am) thrilled to work at Westwood because it has a vision that I can believe in. We’re actually helping students here, treating them like individuals and helping them grow, and I haven’t found that anywhere else. Nothing would mean more to me than the community supporting us and our mission and keeping Westwood strong for many years to come.  

More than any school I’ve seen, Westwood prepares students for all the responsibilities of adulthood. From early Montessori principles (like cleaning up after yourself) to International Baccalaureate classes (witn in-depth analysis and long-term projects), students get their best chance.

Coming to Westwood was eye-opening. I was surprised by the rich experiences of the other teachers who had traveled the world, excelled in their own high school careers and been heavily recruited by colleges, and developed talents in multiple areas of life. I couldn’t assemble a better group of teachers to serve as examples for the students.
Working at Westwood is the best job a teacher could ask for. The focus is entirely on the students, on helping them grow in knowledge and character. “

B. Rushton, Westwood Staff

“For 15 years, our family grew together under Westwood’s umbrella. While we were still growing as parents, Westwood gave us the gifts of Montessori language to use at home, as well as ways to create engaging learning opportunities at home for our daughter. Westwood’s Montessori curriculum meanwhile taught our daughter to master concepts before moving on, to seek help when needed,  to feel confident when speaking and presenting, to stay true to who she is, to embrace the individuality of others, and to care for the well being of the people and world around her.  When moving into the IB curriculum, these pillars of character, community and excellence  were firmly planted and allowed her to grow into a  more global and critical thinker, while also allowing her to find success and comfort in tackling the new social challenges of her teenage years. At all levels, she saw the staff as a source of guidance, trust and respect, which carried into her relationships with adults in the community and at home. As a Sophomore in college now, she continues to adapt and find great success in navigating the new world of adulthood because of her experience at Westwood.”

M. Lucas, Westwood Alumni Parent

“‘You moved halfway across the country just to attend Westwood?!’ It’s a question that I get asked frequently when I tell people the reason why we moved from Southeastern Pennsylvania in August of 2018.

Our children had attended an AMI Montessori school in Pennsylvania from the time they were each three years old. It was a school that we loved and the style of learning worked well for our kids. Since it continued only through sixth grade and we were interested in pursuing the Montessori method of learning through high school, I started doing my research years in advance and found that there were only six schools in the country (at that time) that continued through twelfth grade.  

In February of 2015, my husband and I flew to Dallas to meet with Ms. Georgini who welcomed us and gave us a tour of the impressive facility. We were thrilled to find a school that matched what we felt were important qualities in a Montessori school environment….small classes of blended grades, exceptional teachers that were more like learning facilitators, students who were respectful and curious, and parents who were involved and engaged. We were also excited that Westwood provides the International Baccalaureate program for all students and that our children would be challenged all through high school.

That summer we visited again for our children to attend summer camp at Westwood, and as they attended two weeks of exciting summer camps, my husband and I toured the Dallas area. As we learned to navigate the busy city, our kids were making friends, getting to know their teachers, having lots of fun, and loving Westwood as much as my husband and I had during our first visit.

We returned to Westwood for summer camp the following year and decided that this was the school for us. This was not a decision that we took lightly, especially since all of our friends and family are in Pennsylvania. However, we feel that our children’s education and their learning environment is the building block for becoming successful and happy adults. We are so pleased with our decision to move to Dallas and we know that giving our children the opportunity to attend Westwood was an investment in their future which the whole family will benefit from throughout their entire lives.”

G. Saville, Westwood Parent

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