2016 – 2017 TAPPS Results

Again this year Westwood students travelled to Waco, Texas to compete in a variety of academic categories, public speaking events, and fine art showings against other schools across the state in TAPPS Division 1A. As a team, Westwood earned 1st place and is the overall State Champion in TAPPS Division 1A in Academics, 1st place in Speech, and 2nd place in the Fine Arts Division. The list of students, their events, and awards are listed below:


12th Grade

Lizbeth H. – Spanish (1st)

Matthew M. – Spanish

Dev O. – Science (1st Overall, 1st Physics, 1st Chemistry) Advanced Math (2nd)

Dane S. – Social Studies (3rd), Spelling (3rd)

11th Grade

Abdullah H. – Science (2nd), Mathematics (3rd)

Beau L. – Advanced Math (4th), Number Sense (3rd), Calculator (6th)

Sara M. – Number Sense (8th), Calculator Applications

Eric P. – Current Events (3rd)

Jacob T. – Social Studies

10th Grade

Benjamin K. – Current Events (7th)

9th Grade

Shabaaz B. – Spelling (7th), Mathematics


All students made it to the semi-final or final round.

12th Grade

Dane S. – Poetry Interpretation (8th)

Lindsey S. – Duet Acting (6th)

Austin U. – Ready Writing (1st)

Ian W. – Persuasive Speaking (4th), Literary Criticism

11th Grade

Skyler A. – Prose Interpretation (6th)

Mackey A. – Duet Acting (6th), Solo Acting

Reese D. – Prose Interpretation (Semi-Finalist)

Abigail H. – Literary Criticism (8th)

Sara M. – Lincoln-Douglas Debate (5th)

Eric P. – Original Oratory (4th)

Jacob T. – Duet Acting

Sam V. – Duet Acting

Camille W. – Poetry Interpretation (Semi-Finalist)

10th Grade

Whitaker B. – Ready Writing

Benjamin K. – Lincoln-Douglas Debate (5th), Persuasive Speaking (6th)

9th Grade

Dillon B. – Original Oratory (6th)

Fine Arts

The 2017 Art Team won a total of 24 individual medals, and 2nd place overall, in the State Championship competition. There are 17 categories in the Fine Arts competition. Westwood entered art in 16 of the 17 categories.  Each student who placed in the top 8 earned points toward the team championship. The following students participated and/or won medals:

12th Grade

Andrea D. – Printmaking (2nd), Textile Arts (3rd)

Lizbeth H. – Color Seek & Sketch (2nd)

Tommy M. – Sculpture (1st)

 Dane S. – Art History

Lindsay S. – Art History

Ian W. – Textile Arts (5th)

 11th Grade

 Autumn B. – On-Site Drawing

Abigail H. – Communication Design (3rd), B/W Seek & Sketch (3rd), Painting (5th), Overall art student (5th), On-Site Drawing (7th), Art History (HM), Black and White Drawing.

Andrew K. – Printmaking, Color Photography

Beau L. – Black and white Photography (1st), Pottery (2nd), Overall art student (4th tie), Color Photography (6th), Black and White Drawing (HM)

Sara M. – Art History (HM)

Jacob T. – Art History

Lovie W. – Painting

10th Grade

 Taylor B. – Color Seek & Sketch (8th), Black and White Photography

Matthew B. – Computer Rendered Art (6th), Applied Design (7th)

Natalie C. – Color Photography, On-Site Drawing

Julian L. – Short Film: Animation (2nd)

Aubrie S. – Computer Rendered Art (7th)

Hannah S. – Black and White Photography

Chesley T. – Sculpture (3rd)

9th Grade

Cuinn C. – Color Drawing (HM), B&W Seek & Sketch

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